Ladies Only

Spartans Gym offers 2 separate classes aimed towards women looking for an effective exercise class. Both classes are designed to hit and improve common problem areas that we all love to hate!

Ladies Kickboxing

– Led by full contact fighter and personal trainer Katy Simmons, these lessons are great if you are looking to lose weight, build strength, endurance and muscle, all while learning the basic kickboxing techniques. These jam packed hour sessions are full of laughs, however it always ends with you leaving feeling proud knowing you have just completed a great workout. Ideal for women of all ages and abilities, no previous training or level of fitness needed!

MONDAY – 5.30-6.30pm



Legs, Bums and Tums

– These popular lessons are specifically designed to tone up common problem areas that all women want to improve. Focusing less on the cardio aspect, Gym Instructor Natalie Mallinson will take you through exercises that will work your muscles and cut unwanted fat, leaving you with noticeable results.

MONDAY – 9.30-10.15am