Martial Arts

At Spartans we have:

  • 10 Adult kickboxing black belts
  • 14 Junior kickboxing black belts
  • 4 Tae Kwon Do black belts
  • 5 light contact world champions
  • 2 semi contact world Champions
  • Full contact, K1, TFC & Muay Thai champions –southwest/Celtic/English/British/intercontinental/European/World
  • 4 personal trainers
  • Sports Masseur
  • Ex-professional boxer with over 40 bouts
  • Fight commentator on Eurosport, Boxnation, channel 5 and Syfy. Shows including BAMMA and Fight School (as seen on sky one)
  • Staff qualified in Autism training Lv3, National Diploma in Social Care, Intensive interaction, CALM(crisis, Aggression, Limitation, Management) – please Call and book this coach in advance


Benefits of joining Spartans Gym

  • Great value for money
  • Help in sculpting your body into what you want! Whether it’s through classes, personal training or nutritional help.
  • Brilliant social aspect for both juniors and adults
  • Learn new life skills
  • Enhance your mood – It’s scientifically proven than exercise produces endorphins within your body that relieves pain, reduces stress, enhance the immune system and relieves the aging process!
  • Reduction in anxiety and depression
  • Exercise is great for individuals with autism as it improves fitness, motor function, behaviour and most importantly, the social aspect gained when participating in sports and exercise is huge.


Golden Goals of Spartans Gym

  • To teach kickboxing/boxing/tae kwon do to ANYONE to wishes to learn it
  • To influence juniors in learning respect and equality to others
  • To teach a disciplined lifestyle
  • To ensure everyone leaves Spartans Gym feeling better about themselves and what they have just achieved
  • To offer all that we do at affordable prices
  • To aid in the development of young people both physically and mentally
  • To help others set and meet new goals
  • To show no discrimination!
  • To spread the word of Spartans Gym to others
  • To achieve all of the golden goals in a sociable, friendly and inviting environment


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